Posted on 08 December 2016

She is probably the youngest of all the Israeli bridal designers that have taken the world by storm, yet Liz Martinez’s designs scream bold, mature and seductive.

We were lucky enough to borrow a few moments of her time to get some answers to a some questions we had on our minds.

Here is what she had to share with us:

BB: How did you get into fashion design?
LM: I started off with evening wear and evolved into Bridal. I realized that there was a demand for something different- not your traditional bridal gown, so I decided to go for it and see what happens.
BB: What is the inspiration for your collections?
LM: I love the hustle and bustle of big cities but at the same time, I get inspired by nature. The contrast between the two can be found where I live and create.  Israel is a tiny country, but in it, you will find every possible landscape you can imagine, a unique fusion of cultures, flavors, colors, sounds and religions.
BB: Do you have any fashion houses or designers you look up to?
LM: Like everyone else, I imagine, I love flipping through magazines and seeing what Gucci and Dior have to say each season.

BB: What would you say stands out about your designs?
LM: I think it is the ability to apply intricate details and complex techniques onto premium fabric while still allowing the bride to achieve that effortless beauty look many brides are after.

BB: Do you have a fashion philosophy?
LM: I think that the most important thing is to always stay true to yourself and feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

BB: How do you choose materials?
LM: I love using unexpected elements and cuts. I find that the edginess of metallic silver beads or stones coupled with the effects of layers of silk tulle can create an entire new form of expression that even surprise me sometimes!
BB: What fabric would you say you cannot work without?
LM: I love using “Illusion” to elevate any design and create unique looks that make the bride wearing the gown, become an integral part of the design.
BB: What do you like best about your job?
LM: I love the people I work with. We have lots of fun together in and outside the studio, which has become my second home. For me, that is living my dream. In this business, you could easily find yourself surviving at mid-level, disappearing or reaching and staying at the top. Since the first two are not an option in my book, there is only one way to go.

BB: How do you keep up with the latest trends?
LM: I enjoy watching people on the street just as much as I have always loved flicking through magazines to see not just what is trending but to also try to predict where they are going. Trends drive forward other creative expressions and help people find their own voice without even knowing they had it in them. The key is to keep things balanced and not overdoing it.
BB: In conclusion, name one trend you identify as the hottest this season in bridal fashion?
LM: In one word? PINK.


Love Liz? Check out all of the current Liz Martinez gowns we have available here! And if you haven't sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @LizMartinezBridal for news, updates, and daily swoon-worthy photos of her latest collection. 

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